4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About This Week – Episode 1


NEW: Your weekly briefing on the latest discoveries you might not hear about anywhere else, all with funding from the National Science Foundation.

This week:

  1. Finding cancer through the eye of a butterfly
  2. Killer whales in rivers? Get used to it.
  3. An “everything-repellent” coating could kidproof your life
  4. Cosmic smashup

Watched the video and want more details?

  1. https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=245136&org=NSF
  2. https://nicholas.duke.edu/about/news/alligators-beach-killer-whales-rivers-get-used-it
  3. https://news.umich.edu/everything-repellent-coating-could-kidproof-phones-homes/
  4. https://public.nrao.edu/news/2018-alma-megamerger/

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